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At Dais, we take pride in our developer-friendly ethos, rooted in our experience both as developers and collaborators in early-stage markets. Having successfully navigated numerous gigawatts of projects across diverse asset classes, we appreciate the intricacies of development. This positions us uniquely to empathize with the challenges you face and, more importantly, to offer the expertise and capital essential for your portfolio’s success.

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Recognising the distinct setup, requirements, and opportunities within innovative businesses, our collaborations with Energy Partners are characterised by a flexible and tailored approach. We believe in transparency and aligned incentivises, fostering relationships that are not only productive but also mutually beneficial.

in Complexity

At Dais Energy Ventures, we thrive in complexity but believe in simplicity. Our approach is characterised by swift, direct, and transparent collaboration with partners.

We aim to streamline the negotiation and closing processes to ensure effective use of all our time. With an efficient decision-making structure, we can provide the clarity you need when deciding if we are the right fit as well as determining the next steps when in partnership.

Market-Driven Development

Our market-led development approach ensures that every project has a clear purpose and stands out as a viable investment. Collaborating closely with our Energy Partners, we provide guidance on optimal locations, ensuring development pipelines are strategically sized, well-located, and technically sound. This meticulous approach not only supports energy networks but also maximizes project value.

Building Net Zero Infrastructure

Join us in constructing a robust platform for Net Zero. Each strategically positioned project we develop and operate contributes to the expansion of renewable technologies. The assets we build evolve into critical grid infrastructure, playing an integral role in realising Europe’s ambitious net-zero targets.

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Leveraging our comprehensive development knowledge, we seamlessly operate with partners and projects across the entire spectrum of development readiness. We prioritize scalable solutions and seek to collaborate with the right partners in individual geographies or across regions. Our efficient access to a panel of investors, coupled with our independent financing, empowers us to swiftly seize the right opportunities. Explore collaboration possibilities with us through by getting in touch with our team, and let’s chart a course toward shared success.

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