Dais a net-zero platform

With a 1.5GW portfolio currently under development, we have a goal to construct and operate at least 10GW of energy storage by 2030, 5% of Europe’s storage needs1.


Through a unique, market led approach, we ensure our projects are located strategically across European energy grids. Dais sees energy storage transitioning from ‘new technology’ to critical grid infrastructure on a truly global scale.

Through our understanding of networks and markets we are targeting locations with the greatest need. This maximises the impact of our portfolios on continued renewable deployment, minimising costs to end consumers and improving network stability.

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enabling net-zero

As Europe progresses in its journey to decarbonize energy grids through the increasing adoption of renewable technologies, the demand for energy storage grows in parallel. Some challenges to lower carbon energy are apparent, while others are more technical in nature. Left unaddressed, these issues will hamper the integration of renewables into energy grids, putting climate goals at risk and hindering grid efficiency. Energy storage, when properly developed and deployed, stands as a key solution to these challenges, supporting the growing deployment of renewables for decades to come.

Market Driven Development

Our guiding principle is "Market-Driven Development". Energy storage projects must be designed to support energy networks for the long term, considering both current and future grid requirements. Every project in our portfolio must answer the question "why here" to ensure its enduring commercial viability. There is so much more to a successful storage project than a grid connection; we focus on right-sizing assets, geography, and the precise technical solutions needed to future-proof our portfolios.

Energy Storage as Infrastructure

Dais sees energy storage transitioning from a "new technology" to an indispensable component of global grid infrastructure. Our team, energy partners, and investors are at the forefront of this transformation. Leveraging our experience in networks and markets, we target projects in locations with the most significant infrastructure needs. We are excited to be replicating our journey in the UK market in European geographies.

more than Active Power

Energy storage can offer a multitude of services to support energy grids in their decarbonization journey. Active power provision is just one of the many services energy networks will require to achieve net-zero. Working closely with grid operators across Europe we ensure our projects are designed to access future, often location-specific, markets, to provide voltage control, constraint management, and other critical services. This approach maximizes the impact of our portfolios on renewable deployment, reducing costs for end consumers and enhancing network stability. Additionally, we create diverse revenue options for projects, delivering stronger and more resilient returns.

access to infrastructure funding

Our secret to success lies in our ability to craft diverse structures and strategies that cater to the unique requirements of our funders. For the right opportunity we can easily unlock funding, enabling us to act swiftly and decisively in seizing promising opportunities. Over many years working in UK markets we have honed our expertise in structuring transactions that are tailor-made to meet the exacting standards of our funders. At Dais Energy Ventures, we are the bridge to a sustainable future, connecting visionary investors and innovative project developers with the power of renewable energy.

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A platform for success – from qualification to financing, connect with us to accelerate your portfolio. Our team is experienced in progressing projects across the development cycle. We are always looking to expand our network of Energy Partners across European markets.

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Work with us to effectively deploy capital across a blend of European markets to suit your requirements. We offer a compelling blend of bankable assets and bespoke deal structuring to meet your needs. Build the platform, with us. Work with us to enhance your contribution to European decarbonisation through considered projects and investments.

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